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Card Fraud Thrives In Internet 'Playground'
American Banker
The Internet makes it easier to trick people into giving away their credit card numbers...

Identity Theft Is Fueled By Credit Card Fraud
One in five US adults have been victimized by ID theft...

After Internet's Big Bust, Broadband Shift Went On
The WallStreet Journal
Disney and Others Try to Cash In With Paid Multimedia Offerings...

Profits at last - Good news from the Internet
The Economist
Some firms are finding that there is money to be made online, after all...

New Internet Consumers Targeted By Scams
E-tailers report that fraud attacks are becoming more sophisticated, frequent and menacing in nature...

Online Music Services Ready for Prime-Time Showdown
Commercial online music services see this year as the crucial second act of a hit show in the making...

Fraud To Cost E-Tailers USD 500 Mn In
Online retailers will lose about USD 500 million to suspect transactions and credit card fraud this holiday season...
According to a report from Frost & Sullivan, large businesses and broadcast media will continue to utilize pay-per-call services as a means to distribute or gather information. Additionally, an increase in the number of businesses and government organizations utilizing 900 numbers as an alternate source of revenue generation is expected.

AT&T conducted extensive consumer research regarding the attitudes and preferences of U.S. consumers toward 900 service programs. An overwhelming majority of consumers would be willing to dial 900, contingent on the following criteria: 1. Certainty about cost before placing the call 2. Availability of helpful and interesting programs 3. Positive reputation of the company offeringthe program 4. Support of the 900 service by reputable carriers.

Billing Solutions client base is comprised of a virtual who?s who of Fortune 500 companies. Many of our clients have been providing service on a pay-per-call basis for many years, here are some reasons why: * Profit margins are becoming slimmer and companies are looking for way to offset the cost of doing business.

Customers are demanding instantaneous, all hours access to information.

With a pa-per-call program questions get shorter and smarter.

The caller is willing to pay a fee for expertise or value information.

Many companies find their key competitors have already turned a liability into an asset.
Customers will value the expertise they receive and you will meet and exceed your C.S. goals.

You are providing an innovative, fast and easy to use interface that will of great value to third parties and existing clients.

Questions to your customer service reps become smarter and shorter, allowing centers to operate more efficiently.

Covers the cost of expanded business hours or hosting support domestically.

Tells your target audience ?your opinion matters?

Cater to the masses: the vast majority knows they can dig for the information; however, instantaneous access is something they are willing to pay for. Sound familiar?

Turns a cost centerto a profit center or a liability to an asset.

Allows companies to segment traffic by offering callers the ability to jump to the front of the line.

Billing, collection and distribution of profit is handled by Billing Solutions.

Easily integrates to your existing infrastructure.